James never saw it coming. Dusk had just settled and the TCU junior was headed back to Ft. Worth with Gus as his co-pilot, his four-year-old black lab and hunting buddy. He was traveling on one of Texas’ two-lane county roads – the kind where the speed limit is higher than some states’ 4-lane highways – pushing 75 mph when he rounded a curve to find himself playing chicken with a Dodge Dually and a 25-foot horse trailer.

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Josh Moore had his cruise control set to 58 mph when he smashed into a cow in the dead of night. The GMC Denali was totaled, but he and his lab Chazz came out okay. Here’s how it all went down.

1-Dog_Survives_Car_Wreck_GMC_Denali_TotaledJosh's totaled GMC Denali

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Jul 19, 2018 6:44 AM

The great debate – no we’re not talking politics here, but there seem to be just as many opinions on the point: what’s the best truck kennel to choose for your hunting dog? Is it the aluminum dog box, a traditional crate or Gunner Kennels? 

You know our choice. But let us break it down for you why:


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#MyGunnerStory: LEAH, EVA & FREYA

Jun 27, 2018 8:58 AM

Because each Gunner Kennels customer story, and relationship with their dog, is different, we've started to document a few for you. This week we're with Leah Shamos Twitchell, a Maine resident and dog trainer with a soft spot for rescue dogs. Unfortunately, two of Leah's rescues are escape artists – due to separation anxiety and what she says could be PTSD – and she went through as many as 6 different crates before the G1™. Read on to see why she describes Gunner Kennels as "bomb proof."

Houdini Dog, Escape Artist

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Jun 4, 2018 4:09 AM

Because each Gunner Kennels customer story – and relationship with their dog – is different, we've started to document a few for you. This week's Q&A is with Lori Coleman, a Florida resident whose dog “Deacon” is the unofficial mascot of Clay Humane Society, where she works. Last year, Lori and Deacon were in a car wreck that almost went very, very wrong. Keep reading to learn about their experience.

Car Wreck, Pet Safety

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