Josh Moore had his cruise control set to 58 mph when he smashed into a cow in the dead of night. The GMC Denali was totaled, but he and his lab Chazz came out okay. Here’s how it all went down.

1-Dog_Survives_Car_Wreck_GMC_Denali_TotaledJosh's totaled GMC Denali

Josh Moore was sailing down a four-lane Tennessee highway in his GMC Denali, cruise control set to about 58 mph, when an airbag exploded in his face. 

It was the dead of night and Josh wasn’t sure what had happened. Something had blindsided him, smashing him straight on and busting up his truck beyond repair. Spoiler alert: it was a cow, who had wandered out of bounds. 

The driver’s side took the majority of the impact, but thanks to a seat belt and some help from above Josh says he only came out with minor injuries that didn't tell the full story of the scary situation. Who he was really concerned about when he came to his senses, he says, was Chazz – his 1-year-old lab that was riding in a tied-down Gunner Kennel in the bed of his pickup. 

“We were hit so hard that the back of the cab kind of collapsed, I mean there was a crease right down the middle,” Josh says. “So I was really worried. But when I got back there, I saw that both my dog and the kennel did not suffer a scratch. I feel this had everything to do with the build and design of your kennel.” 

When we spoke to Josh, we caught him on the way out of the door (in a new truck – the Denali didn’t make it), making his first trip of the season down to Arkansas with his 12-year-old son, in search of some good luck and better weather. We asked if he was bringing Chazz along, and if he was back to his old self after the accident.

“Oh yeah. Chazz was nervous at first but he’s totally fine. This is his first hunting season and we’re excited to get him down there,” he said. 

At the end of the day, Josh told us he credits the Gunner for making sure that the lab could retrieve his first duck. 

“If I had gone with a lesser quality kennel, it would’ve been completely smashed back there," he says. "When you think about the built-in tie down pins and how heavy duty it is, there's no question with the force of that hit."

“When I sent that video of the wreck to y'all, I really wanted to give a testament to what your kennel did for me. I want to thank y’all very much for that.” 

To watch the video that Josh sent the day after his accident, click here.


Josh and Chazz


Chazz's kennel, the G1™ Intermediate Mossy Oak edition